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Thyroid/Adrenal Wellness

Thyroid / Adrenal Wellness

Medicine With a Heart is your best choice for treatment and healing of thyroid conditions and adrenals. Serving Aurora, Lisle, Downer’s Grove, Hinsdale and the entire Chicago area

Schultz-ThyroidYour adrenal glands are located at the top of your kidneys and are part of the endocrine system. They are responsible for producing hormones. These hormones are essential to good health. Low functioning adrenal glands have a negative effect on the thyroid and can prevent thyroid conditions from getting better unless the adrenal problem is addressed. In a sense, your thyroid fuels your body and when there are problems with the thyroid, you can feel groggy and tired, you can gain weight or be unable to lose weight — there are many symptoms of a troubled thyroid. Knowledgeable doctors realize the relationship between the adrenal glands and the thyroid system and examine both when someone is having symptoms or has been diagnosed with a thyroid condition such as thyroid deficiency or hypothyroidism.

One of the things that Dr. Michelle Schultz prides herself on is educating her patients and making them aware of the relationships between the systems in their bodies, diet and nutrition, and lifestyle. She reminds her clients that the adrenals are a stress organ — in other words, stress affects the adrenal glands and because stress is so common in today’s environment, more and more people are developing adrenal and thyroid conditions. The adrenals are like a lifeguard for your body. They control your body’s hormones to help you survive when you are in a stressful or dangerous situation (flight or fight response). Unfortunately when we are in stressful situations and faced with conflict too frequently, this will lead to inflammation and a depleted immune system.

Dr. Schultz focuses on the adrenal glands and determines the best recommendations for each patient. Typically, thyroid begins to function better as soon as adrenal support is implemented. Dr. Schultz identifies certain nutraceutical grade supplements that target the adrenal system and improve its function. Both the adrenal glands and thyroid glands need to be supported with nutrition as well.

Medicating the symptoms but will not resolve the condition. The body is designed to heal itself and restore balance when it is in optimal condition — this is why nutrition and exercise are important. Medicine With a Heart provides a comprehensive approach to helping people with thyroid ailments that includes bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. Nothing works better at restoring normal balance and function in the body’s own natural hormones. Dr. Schultz welcomes your questions about BHRT and her thyroid and adrenal therapies.


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What our clients say about us

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  • “Dr. Schultz is extremely thorough with diagnosis and treatment while her testing is extensive.   She has a wealth of knowledge about hormone replacement and areas relating to this.  Her bedside manner is refreshing and she never rushes you out of her office.   If you have ever considered looking into hormone replacement you would be well advised to start with Dr. Schultz first”

    – Susan R.

  • “Within one week of starting HRT it felt like a thick, heavy fog was lifted from my life. I was able to get a full, restful night of sleep. With the addition of testosterone pellets my energy level, zest for life and libido went from good to fantastic!!! I feel balanced , grounded and very happy most days!”

    -Toula K.

  • “Since I became a patient of Dr. Schultz and FINALLY found someone who could balance my hormones, I HAVE FELT BETTER THAN I DID WHEN I WAS 20!!! I swear this is true!! Because of her diagnostic genius, the level of bioidentical hormones she has fine-tuned to my individual needs have changed my life and restored me to be the best “me” I can be! Dr. Schultz is not just a doctor, I call her my HEALER 🙂 She LISTENS to me, she educates me and encourages me to take good care of myself and to make good choices, and then she allows me to make my own decisions and choices, because she respects that I am an intelligent adult and the expert on my own 58-year-old body. She treats me as a peer and her PARTNER in maintaining my own wellness, and she respects and cares about me! Our appointments start and end with a hug, and I leave her office feeling uplifted, understood, inspired, strengthened and healed in body mind and spirit. She is very holistic,  understanding that we are not just a cluster of symptoms, but that in order to have healthy bodies we must also address our issues, belief systems, and thoughts. Dr. Schultz is a wise and wonderful teacher and I am blessed to have her on my path:) And her staff is awesome too!”

    Jessica O.


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